Duroweave Mounting Instructions

  • 1.) Clean the roller thoroughly with press solvent and allow to dry. Coat the roller surface with a LIBERAL dusting of anti set-off spray powder, talc, or baby powder. (Silicone aerosol spray may be substituted.)
  • 2.) Slip the open end of the plastic package bag over one end of the roller and slide it down to within 2-3 inches (50-75mm) of the other end of the roller, and stop. Wrap the plastic around the roller, folding over any excess material to provide a loose, tube-like fit.
  • 3.) Slip the dampening cover over the extended end of the plastic bag and slide it down until it is positioned on the roller.
  • 4.) Select the end of the roller that does not have the plastic bag extending out. Loop the drawstrings on this end of the cover once and pull taut, but do not tie a knot at this time. The cover should extend over this end of the roller about 1/4. to 3/8. (6-10mm) when pulled taut. An equal amount of overhand should be apparent on the other end as well. If the cover is too short, stand the roller upright and stretch the cover down as necessary. Note: if there is too much overhang, center the cover on the roller without tying the drawstrings and remove the bag. Then wet the center 2-3. (50-75mm) of the cover with hot water, stopping when the cover has shrunk inward an adequate amount. If necessary, advance the stream of water from the center out toward the ends an inch (25mm) at a time to activate additional lateral shrink age. Be careful not to get the untied drawstrings wet. Stop when there is approximately 1/4. to 3/8. (6-10mm) of cover overhanging both roller ends. Proceed with step 6.
  • 5.) Holding the far end of the cover and roller tightly with one hand, grasp the end of the extended plastic with the other hand and pull the plastic out from under the cover (figure 4). If you encounter difficulty in removing the plastic bag, remove the cover and the mounting tube from the roller. Apply another coating of powder or silicone to the roller, and place additional powder/silicone inside the mounting tube before attempting removal again. When mounting covers on rollers 18 inches (450mm) or longer, it is suggested that 2 people be available: one to hold the end of the roller and one to pull the plastic bag.
  • 6.) Pull the drawstrings taut and knot them two or three times using a square knot. Carefully trim the excess string to within 1/4. (6mm) of the knot. A drop of Cyanoacrylate (Krazy) glue on the knots will keep them from coming loose.
  • 7.) Saturate the cover with hot, but not scalding, water for at least 1 minute to activate shrinkage and then squeegee the excess water by rolling the cover on a flat, clean surface with downward pressure. Adjust the cover-to-plate pressure setting before printing.

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