Your Best Choice for Duplicators and Small Presses Moderately priced, Duroweave offers a highly absorbent sheared surface well suited to presses through 30”. It is characterized by a loose knit construction combined with a tall pile height.

Features and Benefits

Sheared 100% synthetic fiber composition:

  • Knit from premium Rayon yarn for maximum absorbency and durability.
  • Sheared, velour-like pile surface and seamless construction provide pattern free printing.
  • Water absorption and retention is far superior to non-sheared, loop surface covers.
  • Evenly sheared surface height permits reduced roller-to-plate pressure settings, extending plate life and improving image quality.

Shrinks tight when wet for the first time:

  • The surface pile fibers are bound tight by the shrinking base yarn. Linting or fiber separation is non existent from the start... no break-in period!
  • Increased productivity with uninterrupted printing: No need to stop the press to clean fiber buildup on the plate, blanket, or rollers.
  • No creeping, twisting, or “walking” off the roller, even at high speeds.

Washes clean with hot tap water:

  • Covers may be cleaned between jobs or at the end of the day in just one minute or less.
  • No solvents, manual scrubbing, or specialized cleaning machinery is required, just hot water.
  • Fast, simple maintenance makes Novatech covers last for months, not days or weeks. Reduces dampening costs by 50% or more!
  • Go from black ink to yellow ink, or any other light color, without having to change covers.

About Printer's Repair Parts

  • Printer's Repair Parts offers the most extensive line of cut covers of any dampening manufacturer
  • Custom sizes are available for just about any make or model of press
  • Toll-Free order and technical support phone lines

Printer's Repair Parts is a manufacturer and distributor of premium quality replacement parts and accessories for offset printing presses. We sell our products through a network of authorized graphic arts dealers in the USA and throughout the world.

Printer's Repair Parts, Inc. was started in the early 70's by James E. Hughes, a former district sales manager for ATF Davidson. Having first hand experience regarding customer complaints about the parts not being in stock from the O.E.M., Mr. Hughes began producing Davidson parts to meet the demand of small press owners unwilling to wait for parts from the original manufacturers. Printer's Repair Parts expanded from the line of Chief and Davidson parts into A. B. Dick and Multilith in the late 80's. Parts for Ryobi, Hamada and Townsend were added later on. By 1986, some 30,000 different parts were available from Printer's Repair Parts, an extensive list of "In Stock Inventory". In the same year, PRP also began producing remanufactured A. B. Dick 360's, and eventually created "RM Equipment", a used and rebuilt equipment group working in conjunction with PRP. In 1990, Mr. Hughes retired from the day to day running of the company. Nikki Calhoun, as president of PRP, has recently introduced the newest area of expansion into Printer's Repair Parts for product lines including Heidelberg, Man Roland, and Komori. As of 2014, Printer's Repair Parts inventory has reached past the 100,000 mark. With representation throughout North America, as well as Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

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